Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My husband has a stinky bear named Treaty. He has had Treaty since he was a baby. When I met Treaty four years ago he was already showing signs of age. He had some male pattern baldness. And he was a cyclops.

In February, my mother-in-law, discovered Treaty's long lost eye. My husband took it upon himself to perform surgery on Treaty so that he could see in 3D once again. My husband is not a licensed surgeon. He did not go to med school. But we could not afford to take Treaty to a "real" doctor. It is now more than 3 months post-surgery and Treaty is doing great. His vision is as a good as new.

This is my husband's documentation of the surgery:

"Today I performed heavy surgery on my lifelong friend. As you can see in the first picture Treaty is laying all alone with only one eye."

"In the second picture he is waving goodbye, perhaps for the last time in case something goes wrong, under the heavy operating table lighting."

"In the third picture you will notice that the surgery was a complete success. Treaty now has two healthy and functional eyes once again. He says he is 'simply thrilled, but tired.'"

On another note, I am being featured in a blog. You can win my postcards by going to: Simply Sentimental's blog and following the contest rules!


ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Cute story!

Christa said...

That is a funny did you MIL find the eye? That is one well-loved bear! Nice postcards!

Chloe Rose

SpinachNPeace said...

Christa, she found it on her dresser. She thinks perhaps the cleaning lady found it on the floor somewhere and put it there. crazy!

Anonymous said...

thanx for stopping by glad treaty made it.
wish more moms had let their boys keep there stuffed animals
my husband still remembers the day his yogi got thrown out poor baby.

Little Dickens Designs said...

The Treaty story is hysterical.

La Alicia said...

nice postcards! so glad that Treaty is no longer a cyclops -- totally enjoyed your husband's documentary. wish more moms let their sons keep/repair there plushies! :)

Smashgirl said...

So cute, I laughed out loud when he was waving goodbye! Great story!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

So glad that Treaty made it through his ordeal with flying colors--I was on the edge of my seat! lol (what a darling old bear!)

Great interview and feature--congratulations!!
Smiles, Karen

Stephanie said...

What a great story!