Monday, June 9, 2008


My husband is HUGE baseball fan. I, myself, cannot stand the game. It is not action-packed enough, the players are not fit enough to distract me, and I'm terrified of being hit by a foul ball.

However, since I am the perfect wife, I went with my husband to a Yankees game yesterday. Apparently, it was a historic event since this is the last year Yankee stadium will be open. My husband is actually a Mets fan (and he wore a Mets hat to the Yankee game), but the historic significance of this season attracted him.

We stayed for the entire game, which luckily only lasted 9 innings. Who thought 9 was an appropriate amount of innings? 3 is plenty if you ask me. The Yankees won.

During the 9 innings that we sat about even with 3rd base, 5 foul balls darted towards us and were caught by people in our section. I froze every time. I kinda started to figure out that lefty batters tend to hit the ball towards my section so I would prepare myself, yet when the ball started coming towards me I couldn't move. Somehow, I managed not to get hit.

Although I'm not a huge fan of the beer bellied, crotch grabbing, tobacco spitting players, I do kinda have a mini-crush on Johnny Damon. He seems really nice, his beer belly isn't as big as most the other players, and he's got dreamy eyes (yes, I just used the word "dreamy"). However, he doesn't strike me as the smartest of baseball players. Good thing I just want to look at him and not talk to him. So I basically spent the 9 innings counting the minutes between Johnny Damon's at bats.

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Chucka Stone Designs said...

Too funny! Found your link through Etsy forums and had to comment. I am a huge Red Sox fan, Damon used to play for us. The Yankees are our arch rivals and I can't believe a Mets fan could get sucked into the stadium of the evil empire!

The thing with baseball is its really only fun if you're NOT in foul territory as you quickly discovered. glad you survived to tell the tale.