Monday, June 30, 2008

Second Custom Piece Done!

I finished my second custom piece this weekend. It's waiting review and if approved, I will ship it off to its new home. I included the words from an Edwin McCain song on the painting as requested. This was the couple's first dance.


trudette, said...

The colors are just stunning, great painting !

Lain said...

i like that it has lyrics from their song on there. Hm..our first anniversary will be april 6th of next year. its a really great idea and it looks beautiful. Something like that might be cool to suprise him with.

Julie said...

Really cool--I love the entire idea! I also have my first custom piece coming up! A little nervous but also really fun!

I love how this is very simple with color too. Great job!

Pam Hawk said...

The mood in the shapes and colors is very romantic. I bet this will be cherished.
The work you show on your blog is fantastic ~