Thursday, December 4, 2008


Simple things make my husband happy. But he can also be VERY picky! He used to have a valet on his bedside table where he would put his phone and wallet when he came home. However, the cord to charge his phone would always slide down. In conversation with my brother, he realized there was a solution to this problem: a charging station, which is essentially a valet with a power strip inside. Problem solved--no more slipping and sliding cords with this awesome charging station from Bed Bath and Beyond!

And while we are looking at my husband's bedside table, check out the paint/stain job I did on it. We got the piece raw from Gothic Cabinets Crafts. It's actually not a bedside table, but my husband insisted he needed a massive piece for his side of the bed.

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BlossomingTree said...

Ooh that's nice. Guess I'll have to pay BB&B a visit. Great job on the bedside table.