Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas in Georgia

I spent Christmas at my cousins' home in Watkinsville, Georgia. It was a full house. 2 dogs, a pair of ferrets, a cat, a bird, and 13 humans on 9 acres. Somehow, Davey and I ended up with a room to ourselves--just one of those perks of being married!

My seven year old cousin, Nathan, is well, seven years old. While we are still laughing at his potty jokes (most memorably, he wants to hold the world record in bathrooming), we had trouble keeping up with him. I gave him a project: to take a picture of every single person making a silly face. He did not fail me:

Davey calls the 9 acres summer camp, as it is complete with an ATV, a zipline and a lake!

It was certainly a memorable Christmas!


Stacie Brown said...

Looks like you had a really nice Christmas! Your family looks like a lot of fun and for the record, I think Uncle Chris made the best funny face!


nadia said...

I think you have a little photographer on your hands! Those are GREAT! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Year :)
love ya!