Friday, January 23, 2009


Davey's generous grandparents gave us each a check for Christmas and insisted that we spend it on something we WANTED rather than bills. We WANTED a bookcase. So we went straight to the bank and cashed our check, took the cash to the furniture store and purchased our bookcase (at a 10% discount no less because we paid in cash). I then stained the raw wood to match the rest of our furniture.

Now the plan is to continue to get rid of books we don't absolutely love. There is no reason to keep books that we didn't love to death! It seems bad for my chi to keep something around that I didn't adore. So the only books on my bookshelves are 1. those that either Davey or I adored or 2. those that are waiting to be read. Right now, the waiting to be read pile seems larger than the adored pile.

There are tons of bookstores that will take used books. I personally love this online system called Bookmooch. You can list books you would like to get rid of. Every time someone "mooches" a book from you, you receive a point. You can then use your points to "mooch" books from others. You also get one point for every 10 books you list. I've been using it for almost a year now, and I really love it. I can feel good about purchasing new books knowing that they will likely be read by someone else instead of sitting on my bookshelf forever. I also receive tons of used books! It's a great, green method of reading.

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Karin Grow said...

What a great piece of furniture, and so practical. I found you through your fabulous etsy shop and wanted to say hello. Such cool books you sell. Karin