Friday, May 23, 2008

My Husband, the Artist

This piece was created by my husband a few years ago. We love it so much that it has been our wallpaper on our laptop for a long time. People in law school used to come up to him and ask where he got the image from and were shocked when he told them that he created it. When I look at it long enough I see a big fish. Anyone else see my fish? Can you see anything in it?


Smashgirl said...

I see the fish too! That is so cool, I could stare at it all day!
I also see a surfboard:)

Right As Rain Creations said...

I saw a fish too, after staring for a minute or so. :) Very colorful and fun.

Paper Girl Productions said...

o wow! Yes I see a fish!

Bellastar1117 said...

I think it is fabulous! It must have taken quite a bit of time to do!

Heather said...

That's great!
It reminds me of something my mom use to do with us when we were kids she called, "taking your pencil for a walk." We'd scribble around then colour in the lines.
Obviously not as intricate as this though. :D

Rachel said...

hmm... I actually see a big WHALE! I bet if I stared at it even longer I'd see something else, too.

Anonymous said...

catfish w/ whiskers
thanx for stopping by and the story
I am adding your link
my brain is working on a princess doesn't want to get splasshed
my sister gave me a story too.
so I feel

Tanya said...

Butterflies. Very cool by the way.


LOVE THE COLORS!! The fish I see has the head pointing down on the left side with a dark eye!